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OUR Medical Team

dr Emily Henrichs Warman


Madison Kennedy

medical and outreach coordinator

OUR Board of Directors

We have assembled a team of experts to lead the charge in helping the wild bird population of  Northwest Arkansas.

dr Emily Henrichs Warman

Emily Warman, NWBR's president, and treasurer is a veterinarian currently working for Rose Animal Clinic in Bentonville, Arkansas, with a specific interest in raptor medicine. Dr. Warman was introduced to raptor medicine and rehabilitation in 2009 when she began volunteering at the Southeastern Raptor Center (SRC) in Auburn, Alabama.

Lynn Sciumbato

Lynn has been a wildlife rehabilitator for 33 years and was a biology teacher for more than 20 years at Rogers High School. Between 2017 and 2019, she brought approximately 1,200 birds to her center.
Mandy works at the Bentonville Police Department as an Animal Services Supervisor. Mandy has over ten years in animal services and loves Elvis Presley.

Mandy Tedford

Lindsay Benson, an Alabama resident, is NWBR’s secretary and has an accounting and auditing background with a meticulous eye for administration and bookkeeping.

Lindsay Benson

Melodie works as the Director of Growth Marketing at SupplyPike, a software startup based in NWA. Her passions include good books, and the outdoors.

Melodie Terry